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About US

Synconic is a team of passionate minds who are on a quest to "sync" their ideas in order to build iconic products and services for a better world. It would be more apt to describe Synconic as a community of professionals than a regular business with a hierarchical structure.

Individual Energy; Group Synergy

By 2025, SSS will be a national brand, known for its differentiated services, with a turnover of over Rs. 100 crores achieved through symbiotic growth with customers.

To be the change agent for inclusive growth of customers, employees and society by deploying our diversified expertise, collaborative solutioning, and positive value systems.

At Synconic, we believe that we can build a beautiful present and a great future by learning from the past and from the people around us. So, we constantly push the boundaries of time and individualism, delivering collaborative solutions and greater customer value in unique and innovative ways.

Therein lies our critical differentiation –sufficient freedom for individuals to pursue their passions while coming together to collaborate transparently on engagements that require a sharing of knowledge and resources for better results.


  • Transparency

    in dealings, information sharing, behavior

  • Integrity

    Ethical, we do what we say, and say what we do

  • Loyalty

    to customers, employees, society

  • Agility

    to respond to change, to deploy new concepts

  • Knowledge

    continuous learning and sharing of knowledge

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