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We are SEBI registered (INA000007881) Investment Advisers. We passionately believe that the people of our country must know about the importance of financial literacy and financial freedom and we will do everything possible to realize this vision.
We at Smart Sync Investment Advisory Services (SSIAS) are guided by the words of wisdom from the father of Investment Management, BENJAMIN GRAHAM.
We are aware of the prospects of exponential returns in the stock market, but we firmly believe that “Return of Capital is more important than Return on Capital”. Thus, while we look for avenues providing adequate return, we don’t compromise on the protection of our clients’ capital.

Investment Philosophy

Investment, Not Speculation

We try to make our clients the investors in the value and growth of the businesses rather than the speculators in the prices of the shares/ stocks. We ourselves follow the same philosophy in our investments.

We go by the words of Graham, the father of value investment: “An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return"

Specialization Based on Circle of Competence

We believe that our competence lies in equity investing, and so we focus on that. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy of investing for the long term as, in the long run, returns in equity outranks returns from any other asset class by a wide margin. We are not averse to investing in other alternative asset classes, but only as satellite additions to the portfolio based on specific client needs.

Above Average Returns, Below Average Risk

Our goal is to research businesses which compound capital at the above average rate while incurring a below average level of risk. These businesses have higher returns on capital, stronger balance sheets and long runway of growth. They may be volatile in the short run (as most of the things are) but in long run volatility is not a risk.

Risk Management with Emphasis on Capital Protection

There is no denying the fact that there is a limitless opportunity in the investment market to create returns, but we do not chase them at the first instance. Rather than looking for extra-ordinary returns, our priority is to prevent losses, especially those which could lead to permanent loss of capital. We believe that the investment market would give us so many opportunities that if we avoid the big mistakes, a few big winners are enough to achieve satisfactory performance.

Emphasis on Consistent Performance

Investment markets are volatile in nature where market returns oscillate between high profits and huge losses. Our endeavor is to stay in between, wherein year after year we show a consistent performance which beats the major indices in the long run.

We prefer a consistent yearly return in the long run over a style where huge gains in a few years are followed by large losses. We believe in the Power of Compounding wherein you don’t work for money. Instead, your money works for you to create extraordinary wealth in the long run.

Focus on Company Fundamentals for Stock Picking

Macro economic factors are important but they can at best guide investment choices, not dictate them. We understand that macro factors like inflation, GDP numbers, interest rate, foreign exchange rate, political climate etc impact individual securities. However, we cannot accurately predict their impact on performance.

Hence, we apply a bottom-up approach, where we try to understand a company and its operations. If we are reasonably confident about its business and find it attractively priced, we buy without being unduly swayed by the macro factors.


  • Transparent in dealings
  • Customer focused in our approach
  • Analyze performance from different dimensions
  • Regular reporting
  • Ready to help

Symbiotic Growth

We grow as our customers grow. We Make money with them not off them.

Theme Agnostic

Only objective is to minimize risk and maximize returns. Not married to any investment style.


Our Clients are our Trustees and we have a fiduciary duty to protect their capital.

Thought Leadership

We visualize patterns and trends ahead of the industry and thus help our clients to grow better.

Long Term Thinking

Delayed Gratification is an underutilized thought. The more we practice it the more are the long .

Profound Solutions

In this complex hi-tech world we are committed at providing simplified solutions.


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